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Toyo Suisan – Japan – Curry Flavour – Udon
October 27, '07, 11:28 am
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Toyo Suisan – Japan – Curry Flavour - Udon Toyo Suisan – Japan – Curry Flavour - Udon - Cooked

Review: Toyo Suisan have bucked the trend and gone for a flat based noodle, which is a welcome relief from the monotony of the round noodle. The cake size was generous, and it is packaged with one seasoning sachet. The seasoning consists of curry powder and flavouring together with a sprinkling of dried spring onion. As soon as the seasoning hits the boiling water, the aromatic essence of curry taps upon the sense of smell with a full force, however it is not unpleasant. Toyo Suisan recommends a noodle cooking time of five minutes, however I feel this is too long and three minutes into the boil you should add the flavouring and let it simmer for another minute, allowing the seasoning to permeate the noodles.

Curry has always been high on my list of good instant noodle flavours, and Toyo Suisan doesn’t disappoint. The flavour is strong, but not overbearing. The noodles were very good, although it must be said that the difference between a good and bad noodle usually comes down to cooking it to perfection, as 30 seconds too long or too short can make a lot of difference. The broth was well balanced and the flavour kept it’s strength throughout the drinking experience.


Cost: $2.00

Ingredients: In Japanese, sorry. 😦

Rating: 7.5/10