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Nissin – Japan – Asahikawa Soy Sauce Flavour – Ramen
October 26, '07, 1:48 pm
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Nissin – Japan – Beef? – Ramen Noodle Soup Nissin – Japan – Beef? – Ramen Noodle Soup Cooked

Review: Upon opening the package, the first thing which struck me about this ramen was that the noodle cake had managed to completely stay in one piece all the way from the factory in Japan to my home in Australia. The second thing which bamboozled me was how I’m going to write a review when there is no English on the package. The noodle cake itself was a good size (120mm x 100mm) and it’s packaged with two sachets. The first was an average flavouring sachet and the second was in liquid form, which I presumed to be a combination of some type of oil, combined with soya sauce. The only thing I feel this ramen was missing was some form of dried vegetables.After cooking the ramen for the recommended 3 minutes, I poured it into my bowl and was a bit shocked at how much broth there was. I had cooked it according to the directions, and for the first few sips I thought that I had used too much water as the flavour was quite subtle.I decided instead to plow into the noodles. The quality exibited by Nissin’s noodles is outstanding. Quite simply the best tasting noodles I have ever experienced. They were extremely soft, without being overcooked and mushy. After I had finished the noodles, I proceeded to drink the broth, and was surprised as the flavour seemed quite stronger than previously. While the broth wasn’t overpowering, in retrospect it wasn’t too weak either. Hence Nissin have finely balanced between the two extremely to produce a well satisfying soup.


Cost: $2.00

Ingredients: In Japanese, sorry. 😦

Rating: 8.0/10