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Paldo – Korea – Pork Flavour – Dosirac
October 31, '07, 9:34 pm
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Paldo Pork Paldo Pork Cooked

Review: Paldo employ a good quality rectangular polystyrene container with resealable plastic lid which provides a good cooking environment. It is worth noting that the container doesn’t burn your hands when carrying it after it is filled with boiling water. A nice selection of dried vegetables and flakes and a good serve of seasoning powder is provided. The noodle cake is a good size for a bowl-ready ramen. The broth has a spicy kick to it, however it isn’t overpowering and balances the meaty flavour perfectly. The noodles were well cooked after five minutes and absorbed the soup flavour allowing an enjoyable eating experience. The textured vegetable pieces were chewy and enjoyable, reminiscent of textured soy. However, they didn’t hold much flavour. Overall a very well balanced box noodle soup, for a very reasonable price.


Cost: $0.99

Ingredients: Noodle: Wheat flour, Palm oil, Salt, Modified Potato Starch, Onion Paste Soup: Red Pepper, Soy Sauce powder (Soy bean,Salt,Water) Monosodium Glutamate, Bean Powder. Vegetable flake, Textured vegetable, Pork flavour, BBQ seasoning.

Rating: 7.0/10

Nissin – Hong Kong – Tonkatsu Flavour – Demae Ramen
October 29, '07, 11:58 am
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Nissin - HK - Tonkatsu Nissin - HK - Tonkatsu Cooked

Review: An opaque milky yellow broth frames the Tonkatsu (Pork) flavoured ramen very nicely. The inclusion of sesame seeds is a nice touch, and the aroma of the broth is quite pleasant. Although I was a bit critical of the Hong Kong Nissin noodles in the previous review, they seem to have fluffed up nicely this time, which could indicate a slight undercook in the sesame/chicken review. Two sachets are included again, the soup base, and a seasoning sauce.

The pork flavour combined with chicken is extremely complementary. It is a very filling broth, and by utilising a slight overcook on the noodles, they are able to absorb the flavour quite well. The soup is a perfect balance of strength and weakness, and has a pleasant aftertaste. Add some shredded pork or chicken to the broth, and Nissin’s tonkatsu flavour would be worthy of a low-budget Asian restaurant. However, a noticeable lack of dried vegetables is still a problem.


Cost: $0.70

Ingredients: Noodles: Wheat Flour (73%), Palm Oil (Contains Antioxidant 306), Tapioca Starch, Salt, Mineral Salts (501,500) Soup Base: Salt, Dry Whole Milk, Pork Flavouring (Contains Corn Starch), Sesame Seeds, Flavour Enhancers (621,627,631), White Sugar, Garlic Powder, Chicken Flavouring (Contains Corn Starch), Dehydrated Green Onion , Soy Sauce Powder (Soybeans, Wheat, Salt, Dextrin), Hydrolysed Plant (Corn, Soy, Wheat) Protein Seasoning Sauce: Sesame Oil, Pork Flavouring, Soy Sauce, (Soybeans, Wheat, Salt), Vegetable Oil (Palm, Rice, Antioxidant 306), Cooking Wine, White Sugar, Flavour Enhancers (621), Salt.

Rating: 7/10