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Nissin – Japan – Hakodate Salt Flavour – Ramen Noodle Soup
October 30, '07, 9:23 pm
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Nissin Salt Flavour Nissin Salt Flavour Cooked

Review: Nissin Japan like to confuse the foreigners by having odd ingredients in the front picture of the package. This salt flavour has prawn and asparagus in the bowl on the main picture, but the soup is salt flavoured with noticable chicken overtones. It is a welcome relief to go back to the Japanese version of the Nissin ramen after sampling the Hong Kong ones. This ramen has two sachets, containing the soup base and a seasoning oil. Sesame seeds also make a small appearance, however there are no dried vegetable flakes. The broth is clear and yellow, with a low odour, while the noodles glisten with their coating of the seasoning oil. This leads to a nice presentation of the ramen.

Nissin do a great job with this ramen, and it helps that their noodles are so delicious, and hold the flavour extremely well. The broth is flavoursome, with a hint of pepper and an almost non-existent aftertaste. Even though it is labelled as a salt flavour, the sodium content is reasonable, and not too strong. Although it is a nice ramen, it is not worth buying when overseas due to the high cost and relative similarity with the plethora of other cheaper chicken flavoured noodles.


Cost: $2.00

Ingredients: In Japanese, sorry. 😦

Rating: 6.5/10